Blade Material > Infi

  • Busse Combat Satin Tweener Meaner Street With Kydex & Leather Tequila Sunrise Infi
  • Busse Combat Boss St (scabs) Satin Infi Tequila Sunrise G10 Unused Knife
  • Busse Combat Boss Jack Proto Satin Tequila Sunrise G10 Infi Leather Sheath
  • Busse Combat Custom Shop Sar-5 Variant With Tequila Sunrise G10 Unused Infi
  • Busse Combat Leaner Meaner St. Satin Infi Tequila G10 Unused Survival Knife
  • Busse Combat Ash2 Sage Infi Blade Withtequila G10 Scales Newithunused